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Salers... Putting Profit in your Herd

You'll soon be seeing our 2 page article with Beef Illustrated in their March issue, and we wanted to take an opportunity to build off of what we mean when we say "Putting Profit in your Herd".

Salers bring a lot of great benefits & opportunities for commercial cow-calf producers as well as feedlots, and meat packing plants & processors.

For the commercial cattleperson

  • Easy calving with Salers or Salers influence cattle

  • Calves are quick to get up and suckle

  • Very fertile males and females

  • Longevity

  • Great milk production to produce fast growing calves

  • Less vet visits for cesareans

For the end user

  • The final measure of the breed is its ability to gain & finish to create a lean, nutritious and high grading beef.

  • Salers are consistently able to meet the demands of processors in terms of finish & grade.

  • Salers are flexible in the finishing yard which allows feedlots to make the best of the highs and lows seen in todays cattle market.

  • Salers are a carcass breed that calves easily, and is able to consistently produce carcasses that are high in quality and lean in composition.

More about the breed

The difficult environmental conditions where the Salers breed originated and developed in France makes it ideal for prairies here in Canada. Salers are now available in Black, Red, Tan and White as Purebreds.

Salers very rarely experience any issues with their eyes or udder problems due to their brown pigmented skin and pigmented membranes. We quite often get asked about their hair coats - and that is another huge benefit to Salers cattle as they have a great hair coat which becomes thick and curly in winter meaning more hardiness and feed efficiency.

Having roamed the mountains for centuries back in France, Salers boast great longevity with their feet & legs, meaning less foot problems from rough terrain in pastures and challenging climate conditions that typically can create soundness issues within the foot.

Salers are well suited to crossbreeding, with most cow-calf producers using Salers saying that they are their best kept secret to success on their operation due to less calves dying during calving, less cesareans, strong milking retained females, growthy calves & carcass merit.

Today's Salers cattle are full of depth and muscle, they bring all of the benefits of the breed to your farm and they are heavily selected for disposition and longevity.

There are a few breeders which have online sales through DLMS Farmgate & some who offer their animals via private treaty. So whatever way you prefer to purchase, we've got breeders with excellent stock that are available & ready to set you up for success.

Sleep easy next calving season with a Sleep Easy Salers Bull.

- KY

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